I have for the past few years been a strong supporter of the following charities, because they have played a big part in my life and have helped me greatly to achieve the goals I have been looking for and I would like to place a link to their web sites and do please if you are interested look at them and or even support them.

Since I had a kidney transplant I always wondered if I would be able to learn to fly until I came across this charity who reassured me that it was possible.

I therefore joined them and I have now been a member of Aerobility since 2010 , this charity has helped me a great deal with learning to fly.

Please visit them at and find out what they are all about and please do support me if you can.

NKF supporting Kidney Patients in the UK

Please visit their web site at and see what is all about.


Back in 2011 I was awarded a flying scholarship via the Flying Scholarships For Disable People and I am currently learning to fly, it is an incredible experience and if you know someone who is disable and needs some uplifting do visit their website and see if you can apply.

The following paragraph explains a little about them, and do visit their website at

Flying Scholarships for Disabled People (FSDP), previously known as Flying Scholarships for the Disabled (FSD), is a charity that provides a ‘once in a lifetime’ challenge for disabled people to help them realise their abilities through the medium of learning to fly.

Whilst not a direct objective of the scheme most scholars do fly solo (or ‘ghosted’ solo) by the end of their training programme and some go on to achieve their Private Pilot’s Licence.

All students who can satisfy their Chief Flying Instructor during a general handling flying test that they have reached an acceptable standard of competence, compatible with the nature of their disability, are awarded the FSDP "Wings" , based on the logo of the Royal International Air Tattoo.